Dr Ann O’Neill

Dr Ann O’Neill Chairperson & Founder, angelhands, WA

MM2016 Keynote Speaker

Dr Ann O’Neill is an inspiration. Dr O’Neill’s story of triumph over severe hardship and her commitment to improving the lives of others is one that should be shared. Ann will deliver a funny, engaging and well-structured presentation that will not only inspire you and equip you with tools to overcome and thrive personally and professionally.

Ann fills a variety of roles across the community and therefore she has an innate ability to engage with any audience in any format. Ann’s presentation will include a mix of humour, experience, frankness and meaningful teaching methods.

Keynote Presentation: Approaching medicines management with head, hand and heart

Saturday 19 November, 1010 – 1050

This keynote presentation proposes that approaching medicines management with head, hands, and heart maximises our capacity to achieve the best health and wellbeing outcomes for all stakeholders.

Dr O’Neill considers an understanding and contextualisation of every patient’s medicines story can improve their quality use of medicines and overall health management. She will draw on a variety of examples to explain her journey into the health setting and her reasons for holding this thesis as central to medicines management best practice.