Dr Helen Bevan

Dr Helen Bevan Chief Transformation Officer, Horizons Group, NHS England–Sustainable Improvement, UK

MM2016 Workshop Virtual Facilitator

Dr Helen Bevan has been a leader of large scale change in the English National Health Service for more than 20 years. Helen has been at the forefront of many NHS improvement initiatives which have made a difference for thousands of patients ever since. In 2010, Helen’s team launched a call to action, utilising social movement leadership principles, which contributed to a 51% reduction in prescribing of antipsychotic drugs to people with dementia across the country. Helen initiated NHS Change Day, in partnership with a group of young clinical and managerial leaders in 2012. This has inspired hundreds of thousands of actions to improve services. Helen also conceived ‘The School for Health and Care Radicals’, a free open access online training course, which was included in ‘Britain’s 50 new radicals’ list sponsored by NESTA/The Observer. Helen initiated ‘The Edge’, a regularly updated online curated resource of knowledge, articles and inspiration on transformation, which is available at www.theedge.nhsiq.nhs.uk.

Helen Bevan is acknowledged globally for her expertise in large scale change and for her ability to translate it into practical action and deliver tangible outcomes. She provides advice, guidance and training on transformational change to leaders of health and care systems across the world, and has been recognised as one of the 60 most influential people in the history of the NHS. Helen leads a small team of change experts, and is currently setting up the Horizons Community Interest Company to offer cutting edge transformational expertise to the health and care sector, both in the UK and abroad. For more information, see www.theedge.nhsiq.nhs.uk/horizons.

Workshop (with Jeanie Misko): #SHPAMMTForm: Transformational Change Through Twitter

Friday 18 November, 1645-1800

We all know social media is now a part of daily life. But have you ever wondered how to use it for good in a professional space or connect with others who share your work passions? Join Helen Bevan, Chief of Service Transformation from the NHS (UK) via webinar to learn how to connect with others across the world in 140 characters or less. Twitter is more than just emojis and hashtags, it can be a tool to find people to share ideas and network with. Twitter’s power also will demonstrate how you can create and sustain transformational change and to avoid digital mishaps.

(Please note: Participants should create a Twitter account prior to attending this workshop – see https://support.twitter.com/articles/100990).