Dr John Iliff

Dr John Iliff Senior Registrar, WA Toxicology and Poison’s Service, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA

MM2016 Invited Speaker

Dr John Iliff completed his undergraduate medical degree at Trinity College, Dublin. In 2012, following his intern year he relocated to Western Australia to pursue advanced training in Emergency Medicine. He is currently employed as a Senior Registrar for the WA Toxicology and Poison’s service based at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth.  As a keen rugby player, he has a special interest in Emergency Care in Sport and has worked as team Doctor for the Western Force Super Rugby Team and Cricket WA. Over the last few years he has become involved in online medical education, writing for online revision site imeducate.com and for lifeinthefastlane.com, the world’s largest medical education website and blog which provides free open access medical education for students and all health care professionals.

e-learning: 21st century healthcare education

Friday 18 November, 1130-1200

The 21st century has seen a rapidly developing new dimension to the way we educate students, and indeed ourselves in our professional development. The accessibility of the internet has seen the world of blogs, tutorials and online education spiral to all corners of the globe, providing endless sources from which to find information, all at the touch of a button.

Where did this all evolve? What sort of things are out there? and how can we make ourselves better professionals by utilizing these resources? Indeed, many would say that this is the way of the future and the days of notepads, books and hours searching the library for that single copy of Rang and Dale are gone.

However, is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Is there more to this elearning that we need to consider? Is it simply a matter of what is on the internet is gospel truth?

The debate between the ‘facebook generation’ and traditionalists is one which has echoed throughout many hospital corridors however in this session we are going to explore how elearning is really shaping the modern healthcare professional in the 21st century.