Dr Monica Trujillo

Dr Monica Trujillo Executive General Manager, Clinical and Consumer Engagement and Clinical Governance, and Chief Clinical Information Officer, Australian Digital Health Agency

MM2016 Invited Speaker

Dr Monica Trujillo is responsible for leading clinical and consumer engagement ensuring consumer and clinician centred high quality and safety programs are developed across the Agency.

Her role ensures the implementation of a strategic approach to consumer and clinical engagement, clinical governance, safety, system design, functionality and usability of products and services, and contributes to broader development goals by ensuring Australia has a safe and robust digital health system.

Her approach to consumer engagement and patient experience provide valuable insight to the planning, design and implementation of the Agency’s work program.

Previous to this position, Dr Trujillo was the Chief Medical Information Officer at UnitingCare Health, Australia’s first, as well as being the Regional Director of Medical Services for St Stephen’s Hervey Bay and the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital. In this role, she was well known for her leadership and passion to fully and effectively engage clinicians in the design, implementation and sustainability of digital health solutions, in order to bring about high patient quality and safety outcomes.

Prior to her tenure with UnitingCare Health, Dr Trujillo worked in the public sector as Executive Director, Medical Services for Townsville Hospital and Health Service in Queensland, Australia.
She is also the vice chairperson of the HIMSS Asia Pacific Governing Council.
Dr Trujillo obtained her degree in Medicine and Surgery, Universidad del Valle, Colombia in 1998. She holds an AMC Certificate 2000, Masters of Public Health 2005, and has been a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators since 2009.

Starting a conversation about you: development of the National Digital Health Strategy

Friday 18 November, 1100-1130

Dr Monica Trujillo, Executive General Manager Clinician and Consumer Engagement and Clinical Governance, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Australian Digital Health Agency

Australians seek more and better information about their health and wellbeing, demanding a greater say in relation to their interaction with the health care industry. Technology has changed almost every part of our lives – from the way we eat to the way we get around. It is already transforming our ability to predict, diagnose and treat disease. But there is much more we can do to realise its full potential for the health of every Australian. The Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) is committed to reshaping the national digital health agenda. The Agency is looking to engage with health professionals and the public to ensure our strategy development meets the needs and expectations of the community. The guiding principles of this engagement will be based on listening to and learning from the people and placing the consumer needs at the centre of the technologically enabled better informed health decision–making and improved clinical outcomes. Digital health is likely to transform quality in modern healthcare especially around medication management. Central to the reshaped agenda, the Medication Safety Program will be advanced to address the specific medication related issues across the continuum of care: primary, hospital and aged. The release of enhanced Medicines View, enabling real-time access to a complete, up to date medication list has been nominated as one of the top priorities identified by the Agency. The engagement-focused approach will assist the Agency in the development of a new digital health agenda with guidance from the whole community. This is about having an open and authentic process whereby a new digital horizon is designed for people and with the people.