Karlee Johnston

Karlee Johnston Lead Pharmacist, Division of Critical Care, Canberra Hospital and Health Services, ACT

MM2016 Workshop Facilitator

Karlee Johnston is the Lead Pharmacist for the Division of Critical Care at Canberra Hospital and Health Services.  She has worked at Canberra Hospital for the past 10 years and spends her time between the Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department.  She has a special interest in critical illness and resuscitation medicine, pharmacokinetics, infectious diseases, prescribing decision processes and pharmacist resilience and mentoring.  She is the chair of the critical care COSP and member of the emergency medicine COSP.

Workshop: ED: Life in the Fast Lane

Friday 18 November, 1645-1800

Emergency Medicine (EM) pharmacy practice is a diverse, interesting and really fun area. Have you ever wondered what exactly does an EM pharmacist do? EM pharmacists are involved in pharmaceutical care to patients who are admitted to hospital but also to those who are discharged back to the community. Best possible medication history; identification of medicine related problems contributing to the ED presentation; identifying and reporting adverse drug reactions, discharge planning services and even resuscitations are all areas where the pharmacist can get involved.

There are so many benefits of an EM pharmacy service including (described in the SHPA Standards of Practice in Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Practice):
• improved healthcare outcomes for patients as a result of early medication reconciliation, medication order and clinical review
• increased awareness of medicine-related issues among ED staff
• liaison between emergency, pharmacy and other inpatient departments on medicine-related issues
• timely supply and review of specialised medicines
• improved communication between the ED and external services, eg warfarin monitoring services, residential care facilities and community pharmacies.

During this workshop, you will have a chance to practice as the EM pharmacist in the ‘SHPA Emergency Department’. In this virtual ED you will have to work through the department. Which patients will you choose to see? Can you recognise the patients with medication misadventure? Who should you see first? What interventions can you make to optimise medicines management?

Come and join this fun and interactive workshop, and hear from some EM pharmacists, before we put you to work throwing around lots of ED cases.