Mark Bin Bakar

Mark Bin Bakar

MM2016 Panel Facilitator

Mark Bin Bakar is a Kitja man who has been a major contributor to the Kimberley, Western Australia and Australia through the Arts and Media. Mark has a state and national profile through his character Mary G.

A live performer and a television presenter, Mark has won a number of awards over the years. He is also a writer, director and producer of film and video, with three documentaries and two series of 6 episodes each on national television.

Mark sees an important role for Mary G as a voice for the empowerment of our people through self esteem, education and awareness of issues. Mary G is a great tool which can assist in attacking the ignorance and anti-social behaviour of many young people. Mary G has a history and proven track record that has the ears of Indigenous Australia listening, laughing and learning. Not to mention the mainstream…

Click here to view a video showing the talents of Mary G.

The Mary G Show: Lights, camera and action on Chronic Disease

Saturday 19 November, 1130-1300

Mary G, the Queen of the Kimberley is the closest thing to Royalty we have in this country. Come join her as she sings, dances, jokes and provokes our panel of experts, shining a light on the amazing “good work” being done across our vast nation. Mary will facilitate an inspiring national line up of “Support Acts” with representatives and dedicated advocates from Aboriginal Health Workers, Pharmacists, Primary Care Doctors and Specialists, all passionate about improving chronic disease management in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.

See Mary showcase these “pockets of excellence”. Work with her to help translate this into real change across the healthcare system. Don’t be shy! Be prepared to laugh… come along and sing, and together let’s commit to making a difference not only to improving medicines management but the lives and health of our Aboriginal and Torres Trait Islander patients.

Mary G believes that laughter is a healing tool. “If we all had a good laugh from the bottom of our hearts to the bottom of our bottoms, we would be healed by positive energy”.