Olimpia Nigro

Olimpia Nigro Pharmacy Team Leader, Enterprise Patient Administration System (EPAS), SA Health, SA

MM2016 Invited Speaker

Olimpia Nigro has a background in hospital pharmacy and was seconded to the EPAS project from her role as Clinical Pharmacy Team Leader at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.
Prior to EPAS, she was involved in a number of clinical IT projects, including electronic discharge prescriptions generated from hospital discharge summaries, and a pilot of an electronic clinical pharmacy program.

In her EPAS role, she draws on her knowledge of clinical practice and medication safety, and utilises her inter-professional skills to understand clinical requirements and how this translates to an electronic medication management system (eMM). She works closely with a highly motivated team of pharmacists on the different elements of medication management such as e-prescribing, the electronic medication administration record, and clinical pharmacy documentation, including medication reconciliation. She is also part of the EPAS site activation team that provides support at go-live and views this clinical interaction as a fundamental component in the progressive eMM journey.