Toni Howell

Toni Howell Medication Safety & Strategy Pharmacist, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne; Surveyor, & Education Consultant, Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, Vic

MM2016 Invited Speaker

Toni Howell is the Medication Safety and Strategy Pharmacist at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. She also works for the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards as both a Surveyor and an Education Consultant.

Toni has held a number of clinical and management positions in Australia in both public and private hospital, including as a Director of Pharmacy, and has also worked as a primary health care pharmacist in Botswana. In 2009, her work was recognised by the Melbourne Health Executive with the Celebrating Excellence: Quality and Safety Award. She has also been the recipient of significant grant funding for investigations into improving medication management and patient safety.

Toni’s work with ACHS and the accreditation process supports her goals of raising the profile of medication safety and enabling ongoing quality improvement. She finds accreditation challenging just like everyone else, but finds it a bit more fun than most.

Medication Safety: have we got a grip on Standard 4?

Saturday 19 November, 1215-1245

Accreditation against Standard 4: Medication Safety began in January 2013 with concern across the country about how health services would manage the change.
So, is anything different? What are we doing better? Where are we still finding difficulties?
This presentation will provide an overview of some of the gaps and challenges still experienced with the existing National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard 4: Medication Safety. We’ll also consider the implications of the new draft Medication Safety Standard being developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare.
This presenter is a surveyor for ACHS and a pharmacist and she loves accreditation.